Portugal Golden Visa: The Easy Route to an EU Passport

馃攽 Key Takeaway: Portugal’s second citizenship accessibility positions it as a prime destination for investors and expatriates. It offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for those seeking an EU passport, especially through the Portugal Golden Visa.

Portugal is a gateway to holding a second citizenship and EU passport

At Pela Terra, we are always keen to explore the evolving landscape of global citizenship and residency options. A recent study by CanadaCIS, analyzing Eurostat data from 2009 to 2021, has shed light on an important aspect of European immigration – the ease of acquiring second citizenship. This study places Portugal as a standout nation in terms of accessibility to EU second citizenship, an aspect crucial for our clients and investors.

Portugal’s Position in European Second Citizenship Accessibility

According to the study, Portugal ranks impressively at fourth among 32 European countries for ease of obtaining citizenship. Over 6.6% of non-EU residents successfully become citizens annually. This is significantly higher than the European average, reflecting Portugal’s open and welcoming stance towards immigrants and investors alike.

The Broader European Context

The study paints an interesting picture across Europe. Sweden leads the way with the highest rate of EU passport acquisition, particularly favoring women. Following closely are Norway, the Netherlands, and Iceland, each offering relatively smooth paths to citizenship.

On the other hand, countries like Estonia, Latvia, and the Czech Republic present more challenges for those seeking second citizenship. They each have acquisition rates well below the European average.

Why Portugal Stands Out for an EU Passport

Portugal’s position in this ranking comes as no surprise to us. The country’s blend of rich cultural heritage, economic stability, and progressive policies create an attractive proposition for third-country nationals. Moreover, initiatives like the Portugal Golden Visa program have simplified the path to Portuguese citizenship, especially for investors.

As a venture fund operating in Portugal, we recognize the importance of such policies in attracting global talent and investment. The ease of acquiring Portuguese citizenship not only benefits individual applicants but also contributes to the nation’s economic and cultural diversity, especially when that capital is used for activities such as agriculture and enterprise.

To Sum Up鈥

This latest report reinforces Portugal’s ranking as one of the easiest countries in Europe to obtain an EU passport, serving as a testament to its open-door policy and progressive approach to immigration. An aspect proving especially attractive to members of the LGBTQ+ community who feel uncertain about their future in their home countries is the country’s inclusive and welcoming community.

At Pela Terra, we are committed to guiding our clients through the Golden Visa landscape, helping them make informed decisions about their investment and residency options in Portugal.

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