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Super Food Opportunity

At Pela Terra, we’re bullish on nutrition

– for people and our soils.

Because there are ways to feed both our population and soil health. Almonds are one of nature’s superfoods. They are heart-healthy, protein-packed, and shelf-stable making them a perfect whole-food snack. Their use is expanded beyond raw consumption through added-value products like almond milk, flour, pastes, and nut butter.

It’s a $7.6 billion market with an estimated 12.6% growth curve. In a nutshell, potent opportunity.

For the planet, almonds are a reliable long-term crop. Almond trees produce for 25 years, eliminating the soil-degrading tillage of annual grain and produce crops. And almonds are a zero-waste product. Every part of the planting is used – from the kernels used as premium food, the shells as animal bedding, husks for animal feed, and the wood for fuel.

The trees bloom, produce fruit, and sequester carbon year after year as a responsibly renewable product.

The Irony of Drowning in Drought

But almonds have an Achilles heel. They are climatically picky and relentlessly thirsty. These fickle trees prefer a narrow band of temperate but arid climates, often found in areas with limited freshwater access.

Currently, 80% of the world’s almond crop is produced in California, where water sources are stretched thin. 

Concentrating the bulk of the world’s almond supply in one area poses economic, political, and climate threats. And despite the environmental longevity of almond orchards, the protracted world market transport from California to Asia and the European Union negates these gains.

Investment Bearing Green Fruit

Almonds are a centuries-old Mediterannean crop. The trees’ light pink blooms are celebrated each spring with regional festivals. Portugal even boasts an almond-route train trip touring the verdant acreage of the northern countryside. Almonds are the equally-valuable, but largely obscured, cousin to olives in Europe. 


Our venture’s vision is to invest in the earth. We see an opportunity to mutually pursue sustainable food security and investor returns through a portfolio of farmland promoting regenerative agriculture and restoring soil health. 

Farming has the ability to impact our diet, planet, and profits. But not everyone wants to rise with the rooster’s crow. 

Our Partners and Mission

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Rota Unica

Advancing Almonds Through Innovation


Wealth Through Soil Health

The Super Food Opportunity

Almonds are one of nature’s superfoods.

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