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Golden Visa

Climate Change is happening now. Imagine making an investment secured by yield generating farmland, which also earns you European Citizenship, all while working for the future of our home.

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The Portugal focused Impacto Pela Terra Farmland Fund was crafted over recent years to fit investors looking for a Golden Visa, with a rock solid underlying asset. Enjoy a Schengen visa while earning
competitive returns with positive social and environmental impact!

What you get with the Golden Visa Fund?


Freedom to live & work in Portugal (even if resident in another country).

No visa required to visit Portugal or rest of the Schengen Area.


Residency can be extended to the family members.Ā Just imagine your family living in sunny Portugal.

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Pela Terra Farmland Fund is the only Golden Visa fund aligned with UN sustainability goals.

The investment allows investors to
simultaneously qualify for a Golden Visa, earn competitive returns, and help the environment.

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A best-in-class route to a Golden Visa in Portugal.ā€‹

If you are looking into investment possibilities that will grant you access to citizenship and residency, through a Golden Visa investment in Portugal, we might be who you are looking for.

Pela Terra Farmland Fund is an investment that open the doors to Europe!Ā  You get the advantages of a Golden Visa, as well as high-yielding returns and an annual dividend.

Impacto Pela Terra is not your regular investment fund, we are invested in ensuring the success of your investment as well as the longevity of our planet. Once you know all about farmland investing, you will know what we are excited about.

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Pela Terra is a Stag Managed Fund

Pela Terra Farmland Fund is a Stag managed fund, fully regulated by the Portuguese Securities Market Authority (CMVM).