Pela Terra II: Regenerate

Portugal Golden Visa Farmland Fund​

Minimum Risk, Maximum Impact

Land is one of the oldest investment classes in existence,  reliably producing returns through crop yield and land appreciation.

Investing in farmland represents an attractive, long-term investment providing significant wealth preservation during times of economic turmoil while allowing your capital to make a positive impact on the planet.

[ Pela Terra II: Regenerate Fund]

Green is the New Gold

At Pela Terra, we focus on de-risking the investment.  All capital is physically backed in the form of farmland, orchards, and biological assets, with operators lined up before the purchase of the land and exit agreements-in-principle.

Pela Terra II: Regenerate is the follow-on fund to the popular Pela Terra Farmland fund, which closed fundraising at over €34.1 Million – 341% above the initial target.

The fund offers Portugal Golden Visa investors interested in physical-asset-backed investments an alternative to the recently removed real estate investment route while adhering to the revised Golden Visa eligibility rules.  

Read the legal reviews on the Pela Terra II: Regenerate fund.

With over €41MM AUM to date – culminating in over 1,500 hectares of farmland transitioned to organic orchards in booming commodity markets –  the Pela Terra II: Regenerate fund represents a stable, low-risk avenue for conservative, environmentally-conscious Golden Visa investors.

Smart Farming, Strong Returns

It all starts with soil. 
Organically enriched soil is the foundation for generating strong returns
— for investors, farmers, and the environment.

40-Year Upward Trend on Land Value
Low-Risk, Stable
Asset Class
750 K
Low Minimum Investment
0 % APR
Targeted Blended Return
Reliable Annual

Real Estate VS Fund

Although historically many chose to invest in Portuguese real estate,  since the October 2023 revision to the Golden Visainvestment funds have rapidly become the most popular option. The investment fund route has certain advantages that other routes lack, and there are no burdensome fees and tax implications associated with them.

Low Minimum Investment

Compared to other investment routes, the investment fund option requires a lower investment amount of only EUR 500,000.


Low Fees and Taxes

Unlike real estate acquisition which comes with hefty fees and annual taxes, an investment fund has none of these and carries no associated and indirect costs.

Secure Investment

As a registered fund in Portugal, Pela Terra II: Regenerate is highly regulated to ensure approval by and compliance with the Portuguese Securities Market Authority

Significant Tax Efficiency

Unlike all real estate rental income that is subject to a fixed 28% taxation, Pela Terra II: Regenerate is exempt from withholding tax on the income generated.


The Portuguese legislation places quotas on the percentage an investment in the fund may constitute in the total fund portfolio to obtain a certain level of diversification and alleviation of risk for participating investors.

Potential Earnings

The annual yields and the eventual capital appreciation may be significantly higher than other investment options related to the Golden Visa program.

Management Delegation

Unlike being a real estate landlord, owning a participation unit in an investment fund is a hassle-free investment. The burden of management is delegated to the experienced Pela Terra II: Regenerate fund managers.

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It Pays To Be Smart

 With rising property management costs and stock market volatility, it’s no wonder so many are opting to invest in stable private equity funds for their Portugal Golden Visa instead.

Not only do you benefit from a strong international outlook, but you can fast track your profits with space for plenty of growth to come.